Control and quality

Sabrest has adopted a quality policy and has developed and CERTIFIED its Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, with the fundamental mission of providing a service that is always adequate to meet its customers’ demands.

Sabrest's quality policy pursues the following objectives:
- to continuously increase customer satisfaction by providing products that meet specific requirements;
- to develop a continuous process improvement action aimed at customer satisfaction, personnel safety, cost optimization and reduction of non-conformities;
- to expand its market area;
- to increase employee satisfaction;
- to increase turnover;
- to reduce corporate costs.

The actions that Sabrest implements to achieve the aforementioned objectives are:
- to introduce, develop, certify and apply an ISO 9001: 2008-compliant quality management system;
- to periodically check the level of effectiveness achieved by the Quality System and take appropriate actions to achieve the objectives;
- to reduce product and system non-conformities to achieve continuous improvement of the company’s performance;
- to pay continuous attention to customer satisfaction, through regular monitoring and recording;
- to involve employees in pursuing the corporate objectives, promoting the development of their professionalism and that of the entire organization.

More specifically, our operating method is described in detail in the QUALITY MANUAL (with related procedures and operating instructions) that is available for our customers to consult at our premises.
We endeavour to establish and maintain a transparent relationship with customers and to this end, we are available for any audits by our customers to verify our Quality Assurance System.