Forty Years of Experience

With over forty years of experience in processing moulded components, cutting, as well as forming and assembling steel products, SABREST, a Sangoi Group company, is able to offer an all-round service in the production of new articles and metal components.

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Design and Manufacture, a Winning Combination

Our product is created from an idea, and is manufactured with an accurate design and with efficient planning. Sabrest, a company in the Sangoi Group, is able to offer a comprehensive service for the manufacture of new products and metal components.

Ad Hoc Machining and Treatments of Every Single Piece

Sabrest is capable of planning and managing all types of machining processes, from the most simple and standardised up to the most complex and customised...

Our “outsourcing System” at Your Disposal

Sabrest also offers its clients – businesses, commercial brands and designers – the “Outsourcing System” service, putting its plants at their disposal for either the entire production cycle or for just one manufacturing stage.