From simple or standardized, the more complex and customized in both the shearing and modeling that finish, Sabrest is able to plan and manage all types of work. Each request by customers and specific sectors provides cost optimization, certainty and their timely delivery. Each step is automated and controlled by trained and experienced operators, able to pay attention and check the quality of each piece in large-scale productions. Among the finishing processes more requests, Sabrest manages directly, without resorting to outsoursing, different types of heat treatment and galvanizing or painting.

Sabrest has three production departments, each one equipped with state of the art and high performance machinery. In the first department, the cutting and shearing operations are carried out using lines from 75 to 250 tons, with material infeed performed by advanced CNC conveyor belts.

In the second department cold shut is performed, using presses from 20 to 120 tons, as well as bending, meanwhile the machining centre and other specific machinery carry out finishing processes on the pieces obtained from the previous machining. The third department performs an accurate repair and maintenance service for any type of equipment and mould.

Profiling work is carried out with a new generation profiling machine in the fourth department.